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Service Update #47: HQ Article Submissions / Local Press Releases / Custom Packages

May 11th, 2017


I hope things are going well for you in your chunk of the world! As always, here at WL Marketing, we’ve been working on listening to feedback and creating new services to fill emerging needs. To that point:

1.) HQ Article Submissions

We’ve always offered Article Submissions to quality article directories. We’ll continue to do that. And, for the past few years, we’ve also offered Guest Posting submissions (http://www.wlmarketing.com/guest-post-submission-service.html). To supplement those, though, we now offer submissions to very HQ websites that are able to be selected by you at the time you place an order.

These sites range up to extremely popular properties that you’ve likely browsed on your own. Due to this, some of the higher-tier sites are quite strict about content. But, if your niche is a good fit, an ultra high quality link may be precisely what it takes to put your site over the top.

You can find this service at the very bottom of our Article Marketing page:


2.) Local Press Release Writing + Submission

Our traditional Press Release submissions are great for getting your news out to online-based PR sites. Recently, though, we’ve added a service that will push your release to local news outlets–something that generally garners more exposure as well as greatly improves the chances of being picked up on Google News.

You can find this “High Quality Writing + Local News Press Release Submission” service toward the middle of our Press Release sales page along with an example report:


3.) Custom Packages

As always, don’t forget about our custom packages! We’re happy to piece together any collection of services to suit your needs–something that makes ordering for you quite easy, and, even better, allows you to subscribe for hands-free recurrence.

A great example of this is a link-building package many clients have used with success:


But, as we continue to roll out new services, we’re happy to tweak this package or create a package from scratch that completely matches your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions! We’d love to help out.

All the best!

WL Marketing

Service Update #46: Quick Start Guide / Personalized Website Audit / Custom Packages

December 5th, 2016

Dear WL Marketing Client,

I hope things in your square of the world are going well as we travel into December!

As always, over here at WL Marketing, we’ve been fine-tuning our services and offerings.  To that point, I have a few newer items I’d like to tell you about.

1.) Quick Start Guide - http://www.wlmarketing.com/quick-start-marketing-guide.html

Through the years, we have had quite a few clients come to us, overwhelmed, simply asking “Where do I start?”  Now we have a simple answer: Check out our Quick Start Guide!  It provides a very basic, 3-step blueprint to take your online presence from square one to success.

2.) In-Depth Homepage Audit - http://www.wlmarketing.com/consulting-service.html

The first step of a successful marketing campaign is ensuring that home base, your very website, is as optimized as possible for your targeted keywords.  Our brand new Custom Homepage Audit will have our on-page expert taking info about your goals and performing a thorough, on-page analysis.  The end result will be a precise report of exactly what should be changed about your site to bring it fully up-to-snuff along with a phone call to explain the results and answer any lingering questions that you may have.

3.) Custom Link-Building Package - http://www.wlmarketing.com/package-Custom%20Package%20Offer.html

After your website is optimized and Business Listings (if applicable) are completed, a diverse, recurring link building package is the next step for success.  The above package is one that has worked quite well for many of our clients.  It includes three services that, together, provide quality, quantity, and diversity.  The end result is a grouping that has proven to be successful, especially when promoting an optimized website on a group of targeted keywords.

As always, do not hesitate to shoot us a note with any questions you may have!  Also, if you have a customized package you’d like created for your account, shoot us a note.  We can likely make it happen for you.

All the best,

WL Marketing

Service Update #45: New Services / Site Quality Audits / Custom Packages

September 20th, 2016

Dear WL Marketing Client,

I hope this email finds you well as we march through September.  Time flies!

As always, we’ve been trying to listen to your feedback to improve our product offerings.  To that point:

1.) We’ve been working hard to audit the sites that we use for our products.  Specifically, we recently completed thorough tests of retention and overall efficacy for all of our Social Engagement options to ensure all sites used are a high quality as possible.

The end result is our already-powerful 30 day Social Engagement package becoming even more efficient.  If you’re looking for a single service to run on a recurring basis, this is the single best option to help your website maintain ranking.


2.) Used alone, Social Engagement is a great way to keep your website relevant.  To extract maximum value, though, it can be paired with Guest Posting and Guaranteed Article Submission services.  To really put the service over-the-top, we can create a custom video to help draw traffic from YouTube and video search results–a marketing corner that many businesses are currently neglecting.

Of course, these are all great recurring items that, for businesses with a physical location, should be used after Local Business Listings.

Drop us a line with your specific site and needs and we will be happy to build a custom package around your specific budget, vision, and situation to make sure your marketing dollars are being stretched as far as possible.

3.) If you’re looking for something fresh, check out our two newest services: Social Media Management and Review Distribution.

With Social Media Management, we will create a daily unique post to submit to your Twitter and Facebook pages.  Check out our own Facebook to get a taste of what you can expect.  The service we provide to you would be of identical quality.

With Review Distribution, we will accept reviews left by your actual clients and submit them to the top review sites to help build out your online presence.  This is a fantastic solution for brick-and-mortar businesses that have trouble engaging clients with their online persona.  Simply provide your clients a card to fill out with a review and consent to be posted and we can handle the rest!

After logging in to your WL Marketing account, both of these services can be found under the top “Online Identity Services” header and are great ways to expand your online footprint.

As always, do not hesitate to shoot us a note with any questions you may have.  Even if it isn’t on our main menu, there is a good chance we can help you out regardless of your online marketing needs.

WL Marketing