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Service Update #38: White Board Video Creation and Link Protector Service

March 25th, 2014

Dear WL Marketing Client,

Thanks for being our client! Hope your March is going well as we make our way into Spring. Over here at WL, we’ve been working on a few new products that we think you will enjoy.

White Board Video Creation

Our new White Board Videos allow you to create a video that will really engage your client base. With these, an animated hand will draw your message to the client on a virtual White Board allowing them to see it take shape before their eyes. Take a look at an example of the basic version:


We also offer a much more in-depth Advanced version of the product. With this flavor, the background music is replaced with an expressive voiceover. Also, the video is spiced up with the use of various graphics and a more customized script. Take a look at an Advanced White Board Video example:


Link Protector Services

Given the ever-changing landscape of SEO, keeping tabs on links pointing to your site has never been more important. Some webmasters have found themselves the target of negative backlinks created by competitors. The best way to protect yourself against these underhanded tactics is to keep a close watch on all new inbound links.

With our Link Protector service, we will monitor your website each month for new incoming linking domains and, if necessary, automatically attempt removal and/or make updates to your disavow file.

Check out our options and pricing for the service at:


Did You Know…

* That many of our services (like the Link Protector) can be subscribed, meaning you can automatically renew for hands-free service as long as you need?

* That our Link Removal / Link Remediation services come with a disavow file? Even if we aren’t able to get your negative links fully removed, we will provide you all of the information you need to ask Google to ignore them.

* That we have a fully open, free-to-use API to allow you to create your own solution to push orders our way? If you have many of your own clients managed within your own system, this can be a great way to lessen your workload!

Thanks again for being our customer and giving us the chance to serve your needs! Please don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have any questions about our services and how we can help you reach your marketing goals.

WL Marketing

Service Update #37 - Banner Ad Creation, Local Citations Followup & Status Options, Link Remediation Service Improvements, Updated TOS

November 21st, 2013

Dear WL Marketing Client,

We hope you are having a great November and looking forward to the holiday season! Just writing to let you know of a few new developments product wise:

Banner Ad Creation
Trying to launch some new products and run a ppc display campaign? It can be a bit of a pain in the butt to get some unique creatives in all the sizes you need at a reasonable price. Here’s a quick package to get those ppc campaigns up and running:


Local Citation Followup & Status Options
We’re working hard on improving our local citations product, so that you get the most accurate and best possible NAP consistent listings. Here’s a few things we added:

* Follow up - we can now follow up up to 4 times for you, in order to check for live listings or whether the changes we have made went through.

* New listings only - if you have promised your clients x # of new listings, we now have this option available as well. Only the new listings and updated listings that did not have the correct address will be counted.

* Status Codes - we’ve added various status codes, to help offer better transparency into why certain actions were taken in the local citations. Now, we’ll let you know that a particular website was skipped because the city wasn’t found, or that we found your existing listing but the particular website doesn’t allow updates, or that we found a duplicate listing and attempted to remove it.


If you have had an unpleasant experience with our citations products or would like to see other areas of improvement, just let us know.

Link Remediation Service Improvements
Like the local citations product, we have added various status codes to offer better transparency into our link remediation product. Simply enter in your URL, and a list of links or domains to analyze (if you have them), and we’ll pull the links for you from majesticseo. We’ll then categorize each and every link, and mark them with the reasoning that we recommend for removal. We’ll then follow up up to 3 times to try to get the links removed, and have a detailed disavow file for download, as well as a detailed email that you can submit to webmaster tools that we have used in the past to get manual penalties lifted.

Check out the sample reports here:

Updated Terms of Service
We’ve updated our terms of service a bit: http://www.wlmarketing.com/privacypolicy.html. If there are any questions, just let us know.

Did You Know…
* That we automatically skip over previously done citations if you order more?
* That we can set up local business listing orders with just the attributes you want? For example, if you’d like just the regular listings with follow up, just let us know and we’ll get that added for you.
* That we have a team in India who processes over 50,000 citations per month? You can rest assured that these are people who know the 300 or so major citation locations inside and out.

Thank again for being a client of ours and giving us the opportunity to serve your needs! Happy Thanksgiving for all of our US customers!

WL Marketing

Service Update #36 - Social Profile Creation, Improved API Integration, Improved Link Remediation Services

October 24th, 2013

Dear WL Marketing Client,

Thanks for being our client this October! We’re writing to let you know about some new products and improvements we’ve made for you this past month.

Social Profile Creation
Oftentimes, when you or your clients are launching a new website, you take some time to think of an appropriate domain name. However, we often forget to check that the social media handles are available. We’ve created a tool at www.brandclaimer.com, where you can check your username availability.

It’s a bit of a funny story - we really wish that we’d used our own site to check before we picked brandclaimer.com. Apparantly, BrandClaimer is a twitter handle used by our competitor - whoops! If you’re looking for us on twitter, it’s twitter.com/BrandClaimerLLC and twitter.com/WLMarketingLLC :)

So if you are starting a venture, it pays to lock up your most important profiles, so that competitors aren’t using your brand to get leads. We’ll help you claim the profiles on all popular social websites:


Improved API Integration

Have you been considering reselling our products and wondering what might be the easiest way to use our API and display reporting to your clients? We’ve made that process very easy for you now: http://www.wlmarketing.com/api.html.

1) Simply send an XML request with your app to us to get an order created.

2) Direct your client to an iframed webpage on your website.

They’ll see a fully whitelabeled report. If there are any ideas to help you make integration easier, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Improved Link Remediation Services

Has your client been hit by an unnatural links penalty? Let us help you remove them and generate a disavow report with Google, so that you can recover. We will:

* Have a human being look through the links for relevance
* Locate the appropriate contact information
* Contact people up to 4 times for you
* Indicate which links have been removed and provide a disavow file for ones that we cannot remove

You just need to upload the disavow file and request reconsideration.


Did You Know…

* That you have full control over the list of websites we submit to? Simply go to My Account->My Profile->Lists and specify the sites you wish to include or exclude on each order going forward, and we’ll take care of it for you.
* Our local citations service have helped 1000s of businesses rank on page 1 for Google Local?
* That Name Address Phone Number consistency across business listing locations is one of the leading indicators of your Google Local ranking?

Thanks again for being our customer this month! We’ll keep you updated on our efforts!

WL Marketing

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