White Label Reseller Cart


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Get the Cart for ONLY $999!

Run Your Own SEO Company.

  – Customize your products and packages.
  – Set your own pricing.
  – Design your own website and customer interaction.

Our White Label Reseller Cart is a way for you to easily run your own SEO Services website! The cart allows you to handle product information and customer interaction without having to worry about order fulfillment.

You Get the Sales. We Handle the Rest.

  – We will setup the cart on your website.
  – We will handle the order fulfillment.
  – We can send order update information on your behalf.

After we install the cart to your website, your client’s orders will automatically be placed into your WL Marketing account so that you can fund them. Upon completion, the order reports will be instantly available to your clients for download from your website. In other words, you are available to supply our services at any price to your clients while we carry out the services in a completely cloaked manner.
Get it for ONLY $999!
Along with a smooth client interaction, the cart integration offers the following features:

Hands-Free Installation: We handle the full installation of your cart. Once you purchase the cart and supply us with the details we will need to install the cart, we will handle everything until it is fully operational. Furthermore, we’re happy to install a Zen Cart template of your choice to the cart. Once you provide us a template that fits your taste, we will handle all of the work that goes with integrating it into your site!

A Completely Customizable Product Catalog: The cart’s intuitive administration control panel will also let you filter or recategorize the exact products that are offered to your clients for maximum control.

Easily Updated Product Details: You can change your products’ prices and descriptions to anything you please in seconds with the cart’s control panel.

Add New Products: With an editable “mapping” system in your WL Marketing settings, you are able to quickly integrate custom products into your cart so that you can offer your clients services specifically tailored to their needs.

Easily Manage Client Orders: Since your clients’ orders will be added to your WL Marketing account, you can use all of our regular tools to manage their orders. This includes easily sorting the orders by Website to see a quick history of what has been accomplished.

Fund Orders at a Discount: Because the cart normally leads to an increase in the amount of funds that you spend with us, it is a great opportunity to use our Bulk Order Discount feature to gain up to 20% in free credits with each purchase.

Full Customer Support: As with all of our services, we will be with you every step of the way. If you ever run into any issues with your website or if one of your clients asks you a question that you aren’t entirely sure about, we’ll be happy to assist! Just leave us a message or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours.
Once the cart is operational, a client’s typical order will go through these steps:

  1. Your client places an order on your website and transfers the necessary payment to your PayPal account.

  2. Emails are generated to both you and your customer to confirm the purchase.

  3. An order is created within your WL Marketing account in an “Awaiting Payment” status. After you review the order’s details, you can easily apply payment from your WL Marketing account credit balance to officially begin the order processing within our system.

  4. As we complete the order and update the page with details and reports, your client will be able to track the order’s progress through your website. The same information that is available to you as you view the order on WL Marketing will be available to your client as they view the order on your website.

  5. When we complete the order, the order on your website will automatically be updated and changed to the correct status. This will generate an email to your client letting them know that the order has been completed along with a direct link to the final report.
How long does it take you to install the cart on my site?
Usually 5-7 days.

How much do you charge for order handling?
The same low price as if the order were directly placed on our site. There is no extra fee.

What does the back-end look like?
Check out the video above for a walk-through of how it all works. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]