Senior Web Developer Job Questionaire

Thanks for your interest in our web development position! Please fill out the following as completely as possible - hope you find them as interesting as we do!

Design Section

1) We have an svn environment and would like to deploy code from the slave server to a production server. Please list the steps that you would go through in order to do this and list any general considerations. Include any boundary/error cases you can think of.

2) There is an orders table representing client orders and a reports table with schema (order_id,report_field_1,report_field_2,report_field_3) representing the reports to the client. Unfortunately, the reports table is approaching 50 GB. Please describe a list of steps to scale the reports table to 5 TB. Please list any concerns and items to consider for your design decision.

3) There are tasks T1, Q1, T2, Q2, etc. where Tx is the task type and Qx is the quantity. There are users will skills T1, Q1, T2, Q2, etc. where Tx is the task the user can do and Qx is the number the user can do per day. A user can only perform so much per day, so if he performs say 1/2 day of T1, he can then only perform 1/2 day of T2. Please describe an algorithm to assign tasks Tx to users Ux efficiently such that the total completion time of all tasks is minimized.

4) Assume that you are implementing the algorithm in step 3. Please write out the exact steps to do this so that another developer working on it would understand. Please also list points where you would seek approval or feedback.

5) Please indicate which indices you would create to speed up the following query:
SELECT P.code,U.receive_status_updates,,U.username,U.first_name,U.last_name,O.parent_id,,O.processed_by,O.parent_id,O.product_name
FROM products P, orders O left outer join users U on U.user_id=O.user_id
WHERE O.product_id = P.product_id and O.order_id='$orderId'"

Technical Section

6) Please write a snippet of code to validate that the website field here is a valid website:

7) You tried to access and it says 503 forbidden. What do you do?

8) You would like to add some google analytics code to a wordpress blog. How do you do it?

9) You are trying to edit a website and decide to use ssh/vi. Please type the exact command you would use to edit the title tag of public_html/index.html.

10) You would like to make a site that is in html a php template. What are the steps?

11) How do you tell if an ad is an adsense ad?

12) Please write the cron command to run a file every other day at 3:00pm

13) You would like to add an email list to vbulletin. What are the exact steps (items to click, things to download, etc.)?

14) You would like to create an AWS EC2 instance via command line. What would be the code?

15) You just moved a website from one server to another. However, the domain still shows the old code even after you have updated the DNS. What do you do?

16) How do you update the dns of a website?

17) /etc/init.d/httpd restart failed when you try to restart apache. What do you do?

18) Write some php code to run an insert query, check if there is an error message, and check what the key of the just inserted item is.

Other Info

19) Please enter main resume points below (including email address & phone number).

20) Please enter desired salary/month (assuming 40 hours/week).

Thanks for giving us a try!!