Account Manager/Customer Service Representative
Job Description:
As an account manager, you will be responsible for maintaining the relationship with our clients, making sure that their work is done precisely according to their specifications, exploring their needs and creatively coming up with solutions/helping develop products (from the pieces we have) that will address their problems, and documenting processes that come up. Many of our clients can be large and short on time, so availability throughout the day (with instant phone pickup) is a necessity. You will also be given interested clients/good fits and be responsible for opening new accounts, including cold calling, reaching out via social media, and following up to close the deal. Your time would be spent around 50-90% on existing accounts and 10-50% on opening new ones.

This job is a good fit for you if...
* When a client is really pissed off, you are level-headed "I wonder why and wonder how I can fix the situation"?
* Are comfortable with requests that aren't in your area of expertise, but are confident that you can come up with a solution
* Can set boundaries well and can do so with tact
* Like to address problems directly and not avoid them
* Are good at spoting client needs (which for us are opportunities) and will pursue the opportunities
* Are a good listener and your conversations with people are generally 80% listening and 20% talking.

This job is not a good fit for you if...
* You are frazzled by people yelling at you
* When someone asks you to do something and you aren't comfortable doing it, you ignore it or avoid it without telling the person so
* If given a client who is telling you about their problems, you have trouble coming up with solutions if there has beeen 0 training

Intimate SEO Knowledge, with demonstrated ability to help clients reach their customers
Previous Customer Service and/or Sales experience
Perfect English with proper grammar
A positive tone and ability to handle client interactions
Any technical/programming knowledge would be a plus
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Political Article Writer
Job Description:
This is a part time position to help create alternative news content much like,, and

* 2 articles/day
* Online most of the time
* Ability to determine which topics are more viral than others.
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