Quick Start Marketing Guide

So you have a website. Or a business. Or something that you want people to find online. But you're unsure of the best way to make that happen. We can help!
By answering the questions below for yourself, you can find your proper path to a successful marketing campaign. Of course, please never hesitate to shoot us a note at admin@wlmarketing.com about our services or how we can help you. We'll be happy to assist!
Optimizing Your Website | The Importance of Business Listings | Ongoing Link Building

Is your website fully optimized?

If your answer is either, "No" or "I don't know," this should immediately become your top priority! 80% of the solution to a good ranking in Google’s organic search results lies within your own website. Google's Core Algorithm consists of 200+ ranking factors and determines if and how a website will rank in organic searches.
Ensuring that your website is clean of errors and optimized to best maximize each of those factors can lead to an increase in organic rankings without creating a single backlink. And, best yet, it will amplify the results that you see once you do start building backlinks!
Our Website Audit Service is a fully manual and custom look at your website's homepage to check the most important onpage factors. Our audit is written in plain English with clear, hands-on instructions so you can make the changes yourself, ask us to help to integrate the changes, or hand directly to your own website designer.
As part of the audit, one of our SEO consultants will contact you once the audit has been made and spend up to 30 minutes phone time with you to address any audit related questions you may have.

Do you have a physical business address?

If you have a business with a physical address, the importance of Local Business Listings cannot be overstated.
Business Listings literally help your business claim its spot on the map and should be the first off-site stop for your marketing campaign. They are compatible with virtually every country and can even be used to fix any incorrect or duplicate listings that already exist for your business.
We have numerous upgrades available on our Local Business Listings order page, but, at minimum, our suggestion would be to go with our $80 100 Enhanced Local Business Listing Submissions + Double Check service. By "enhancing" your submissions, we'll be adding media items to make your profile stand out. And the Double Check option ensures that any already-existing profiles will be found and either corrected (if necessary) or skipped (if already valid) to ensure the maximum final result.

What comes next?

Once your website is optimized, and, if applicable, you've completed Local Business Listings, a robust, high-quality link building campaign is the next step.
As you've noticed, we have numerous link building options to satisfy many different SEO strategies. Our advice is always going to be to focus on quality over quantity, though, with a monthly campaign that fits your budget, the size of your website, and the list of keywords that you're looking to promote.
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