Blog Management

Blog Management is a quick and easy way to keep your website updated with a constant flow of fresh, relevant content. With our Blog Management service, we will incrementally create and post content to a software-controlled blog on your website as 500 word articles. You provide us your URL, username, password, and the type of content you would like and we will handle the rest!
Our enhanced writing services are a great fit for technical or especially-involved content. If you have a topic that requires a very specialized writer with a certain base of knowledge, these are the services for you.
If you do not already have a blog on your site, take a look at our Blog Setup service. With it, we can install a blog onto your site for you and, along with it, an easy way for you to add valuable content.

Blog Management - 4 High Quality Articles/MonthWe will post the designated amount of articles to your blog throughout the month.$200Add To Cart 
Blog Management - 8 High Quality Articles/MonthCompletion Time: ~1 Month$400Add To Cart 
Blog Management - 4 Articles/MonthCompletion Time: ~1 Month$100Add To Cart 
Blog Management - 8 Articles/MonthCompletion Time: ~1 Month$200Add To Cart 
Blog Management - 15 Articles/MonthCompletion Time: ~1 Month$375Add To Cart 

Blog Monitoring

We also offer a Blog Monitoring service bundled with our Management services. With it, we will regularly check your blog throughout the month to ensure it is in good health. This includes ensuring that the blog has not been hacked, approving or denying comments on posts that we've made that month based on legitimacy (up to 100 comments per month), and keeping tabs on the posts that we have added to the blog to ensure that they are being indexed in a timely manner. If we find any issues, we will immediately let you know along with our recommendations for a fix.

Blog Management - 4 High Quality Articles/Month + MonitoringAlong with the article posting, we will monitor your blog's health.$225Add To Cart 
Blog Management - 8 High Quality Articles/Month + MonitoringCompletion Time: ~1 Month$425Add To Cart 
Blog Management - 4 Articles/Month + MonitoringCompletion Time: ~1 Month$125Add To Cart 
Blog Management - 8 Articles/Month + MonitoringCompletion Time: ~1 Month$225Add To Cart 
Blog Management - 15 Articles/Month + MonitoringCompletion Time: ~1 Month$400Add To Cart 
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