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SEO Premium

Super Charge Your Site

  • Keyword Research
  • 1600 Unique Social Engagement
  • 4000 Directory Submissions
  • 4×200 HQ Press Release Submissions
  • 4×100 HQ Article Marketing
  • DMOZ Submission
  • 1 HQ Squidoo & 1 HQ Hubpage

SEO Starter

Power Boost Your Site

  • Keyword Research
  • 1200 Unique Social Engagement
  • 4000 Directory Submissions
  • 100 HQ Press Release Submissions
  • 200 HQ Article Marketing
  • DMOZ Submission
  • 1 HQ Squidoo & 1 HQ Hubpage


Fuel Up

  • Keyword Research
  • 600 Unique Social Engagement
  • 2000 Directory Submissions
  • 200 HQ Press Release Submissions
  • 100 HQ Article Marketing
  • DMOZ Submission
  • HQ Squidoo & HQ Hubpage


Add Some Juice

  • Keyword Research
  • 275 Unique Social Engagement
  • 1000 Directory Submissions
  • 50 HQ Press Release Submissions
  • 100 HQ Article Marketing
  • DMOZ Submission
  • HQ Squidoo & HQ Hubpage


Start Up

  • Keyword Research
  • 100 Unique Social Engagemenet
  • 600 Directory   Submissions
  • Press Release   Submissions
  • 20 HQ Article Marketing
  • DMOZ Submission
  • HQ Squidoo & HQ Hubpage
SEO Packages With Basic Instead Of High Quality Articles

Only Need to Provide URL. Entirely Off-Page SEO Link Building. All One-Way Links.

— No SEO knowledge necessary. All packages come with order entry by WL Marketing, all you need to do is provide the URL and we will take care of the rest!

Social Network Promotion

Social Engagement.

Promote your site on social network sites like StumbleUpn, Delicious, Mixx, and help spread the word about your products and services. You will start seeing back-links and traffic within a week.

Yellow-Page like Listings

Directory Submissions.

We will submit your site to yellow-page like online directory listings in relevant categories. Since it takes directories quite some time to approve your website, you will see back-links coming in in the next 6-9 months.

Off-Page Content Creation

Article Marketing.

We will write a unique 500-word articles about your site targeting valuable keyword(s). You will approve the article before we distribute it to article marketing sites like ezinearticles. A great white-hat method to get some quick back-links and traffic.

News and Announcements

Press Release Distribution.

We will find news worthy information about your products, services, website, etc and write up a 500-word keyword targeted press release to distribute to online news outlets. As always, you will get to review the press release before distribution.

Target Valuable Keywords

Keyword Research.

We will find valuable keywords based on global search volume stats, assess the competition level, and choose keywords that would give you the best return for your SEO investment. You will also be provided with suggested changes to your website to maximize the effect of your SEO promotion.

Off-Site High PR Webpage

HQ Squidoo and HQ Hubpage

We will create an account and a webpage for your site on Social 2.0 sites like Squidoo and Hubpages. These are very high PR sites that can help boost your PR and traffic. You will have ownership of the accounts we create and the ability to approve the content we write for your Lens or Hub.

Link Building Basic $137

One Time & Recurring.


  • Entry level package with essential link building services - designed to be used as a monthly recurring package.
  • Best as a monthly recurring package for small to moderately established sites.
  • Limit results as a one-time package.

Link Building Standard $234

One Time & Recurring.


  • Combining some of the most effective SEO services.
  • Highly recommended as a recurring package for moderately established to large sites. Stellar performance seen in our testing.
  • Use as one-time promotion for small sites.

Link Building Deluxe $419

One Time & Recurring.


  • Packaging together some of the most powerful SEO services.
  • Use as one-time promotion for small sites.
  • Highly recommended as a recurring package for established sites.

SEO Starter ~ 4 months $793

One Time & Recurring.


  • Best all-around SEO promotion package – for first-time promotions and moderately promoted sites
  • Most highly recommended with the optional $198 subscription add-on attached. We have seen some of the best results from that combination.
  • Also a powerful one-time promotion for small to medium sized sites.

SEO Premium ~ 4 months $1398

One Time & Recurring.

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  • Our most powerful SEO promotion package.
  • Highly recommend users to continue SEO efforts with a monthly Link Building Standard ($234/month) or Link Building Deluxe ($419/month) subscription for best results.
  • A strong back-link and traffic booster when used as one-time promotion for medium to large sites.

Results You Can See!

— More Back-links in Days. Improved Search Engine Rankings in Weeks.


Depending on the package you choose, you will gain anywhere from hundreds to thousands of back-links. Here is a guideline of the approximate number of back-links you will get with each package each time (per month if on a monthly subscription):

  • Link Building Basic – 200+ links
  • Link Building Standard – 500+ links
  • Link Building Deluxe – 1300+ links
  • SEO Starter – 2000+ links
  • SEO Premium – 3500+ links

All back-links are one-way links that do not require you to link back. You website will start getting back-links in as little as two days and continuously gain more the next 6-9 months.

Improved Ranking

All of our packages target valuable keywords that are relevant to your site. Results will depend on the package you choose and the competitiveness of the keyword(s). Most customers see initial results in a few days to weeks. Generally, more permanent and greater search engine ranking improvements are seen in 1-3 months for less competitive keywords and 6-9 months for highly competitive keywords.

Page Rank

How quickly your site gains Google page rank will largely depend on how often Google updates the ranking. Most of our sites get to PR 1-4 by using our services alone.

More Visitors – Extra Earnings

Below are some examples of how our services have helped over 5000 active customers:

  • Online SEO consulting firm managing hundreds of online and local clients in various niches
  • Local personal injury lawyer on the East Coast
  • Online and local flower shop in Asia
  • Online software development and tech news firm
  • Local plastic surgeon located in the Caribbean
  • Online cheap travel booking and review site

SEO Experts

WL Marketing is run by a team of Cornell engineers who build, maintain, and more importantly – promote, a portfolio of hundreds of websites in various niches and markets. We use our own SEO link building services to promote our sites. We test and monitor each service to make sure that it produces unparalleled ROI for you and for us.

Amazing Value

WL Marketing offers the best value SEO packages, period. Our prices are usually more than 50% cheaper than our competitors’ while never compromising quality. How are we able to do that? Thanks to our creative engineers, our processes are far more streamlined than competitors’. Thanks to our loyal customers, the high order volume allows us to break down and assign tasks in more innovative and efficient ways than otherwise possible.


Our packages and subscriptions are 100% transparent. You know exactly what you pay for and what you will get, so you don’t have to wonder what is being done or whether you are getting the best price.

Real-Time Tracking

Our team keeps you updated every step of the way for each unit of work. Currently, most orders begin processing within 18 hours. Expect your confirmation immediately after ordering and we will begin promoting your site ASAP.

Detailed Reporting

Each unit of our work comes with a report, so you will get a report for social engagement, one for directory submission, etc. All reports are easily accessible online 24/7.

Results and Testimonial

At the end of the day, it’s results that matter! Check out what our customers have to say about us and try it for yourself.
— “Your site was most highly recommended by a colleague.”
— “My website is now #9 out of 5 million for one of the most competitive keywords online. THANK YOU!!”
— “The ROI on your service so far is better than any other service on the market.”
When should I start promoting my site?
You can start promoting your site as soon as possible. Packages would work best for sites with 10+ sub-pages.

When can I start seeing results?
You will see back-links coming in a few days – definitely within 2 weeks. Full results take about 6 months.

Does this work for foreign language sites?
Based on what we’ve seen so far, these packages seem to work well for foreign languages sites as well.

Does this come with report?
Absolutely. Each unit of work comes with a report on what we did.

What forms of payments do you take?
We currently take Paypal, which allows you to use Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, bank wire, E-Check, etc.

When do you charge me?
For packages, after the order is placed. For subscriptions, when the subscription begins and monthly thereafter.

Can I use Bulk Discount with packages and subscriptions?
Yes. The way it works is you will pay for your packages with your credits and you are responsible for refilling your account with credits. If your credits ever run low, we will send you a reminder too. If your account runs out of credits, your package will be put on hold.

What’s the difference between packages and subscriptions?
Packages are one-time promotions. Subscriptions are monthly recurring promotions, they are currently available as add-on’s to packages.

Subscriptions don’t list out exactly what you will do, how will you promote my site if I sign up for subscription?
We constantly add new SEO products in this evolving market and we think it’s best to not be tied down to a particular method. So each month we will determine the most effective SEO methods to use to best promote your site. Be assured that we will always perform work that’s equal or more in value than the subscription price. As always, all performed work comes with full reports that are accessible online 24/7.

What’s your cancellation policy on subscription?
Cancel, pause easily anytime – it’s click of a button.

I already did Directory Submission / DMOZ Submission, can I get something else instead?
Sure. We will skip over the directories you’ve already submitted to. If we don’t have enough directories, let us know what you want to replace it with in the comment box or we can recommend a product.

All these articles and press releases that you’re writing, do I get to see them before you submit them?
Absolutely. We will send you an email to let you know that a writing piece is ready for your review. We will then take your feedback and make any necessary edits before we submit them.

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